Zimbabweans React To The Appointment Of Former MDC Members As ZACC Commissioners

Zimbabweans have different opinions over the recent appointment of Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission Commissioners. Controversy has mostly been apparent on the appointment of former opposition MDC members.

Some members of the public have argued that the former members of the MDC have been government spy agents working within the opposition party. They believe that if they were really opposed to the ruling party, they should have denied the appointments.

One of those who feel that the former members of the MDC have been working for ZANU PF is Che Ernst who tweeted:

I think the struggle has stretched 2long and 2far. Most of our opposition politicians joined politics when they were very young. They’v seen 2 decades of frustration and yet outside politics they hv a life to live. Zanu PF knows this and dangles a carrot at th right moment

A lifetime of foiled unfilled ambitions is dangerous! @nelsonchamisa has a huge task, some of our cdes r double agents. @james_maridadi @JessieFMajome @chaibvagabriel etal

Legal expert and former Advisor to the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa echoed the views above. He added that it is possible that the appointed commissioners are genuinely seeking to advance national interests. Magaisa said:

In older democracies there are vast opportunities for politicians who fall out of favour. There are lobby groups, political consultancies, board memberships, etc all of which take care of their personal political economies. Our politicians tend to circulate between parties

Another law expert, Alex Muregi, is of the view that Jassie Majome is not a double agent as earlier proposed by others. Muregi said:

In Jessie’s case I also believe she is going there to genuinely fight corruption. She comes across to me as someone who believes in her noble profession and how it can be used to do right. I haven’t heard any ‘undemocratic noises’ from her side. I could be wrong…

The appointed Jessie Majome, was not impressed by Magaisa’s line of thinking. She responded and said:

This is rather patronizing. But then you have a democratic right to your opinion.

Norton Legislator, Temba Mliswa, believes all the appointed commissioners will diligently execute their duties and responsibilities. He, however, has reservations on one appointment. He said:

Congrats to @JessieFMajome I’ve no doubt Commissioners like herself, Frank Muchengwa & Thandiwe Hlobane will carry the day. I must express my disappointment however over Gabriel Chaibva

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Jessie Majome

Jessie Majome is a Zimbabwean lawyer, politician and current commissioner of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. She is a former senoir MDC member. She left the party in the run up to the 2018 elections after she accused the leadership of inteferring in the primary elections... Read More About Jessie Majome

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