WATCH: “I’ll Still Be Here In 2030” Emmerson Mnangagwa

In a video by New Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa says “in 2030 I will still be here”. The statement has been taken to mean that he wants to exceed the two presidential terms provided for by the constitution. If he is reelected in 2023, his second term would end in 2028.

Said Mnangagwa during a speech on HIV and AIDs targets:

…We therefore need to work together for the attainment of global goal of zero new infections by 2030. 2030 I’ll still be here so I’ll see if we have attained that goal or not.

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Mnangagwa has been criticised and accused of harbouring ambitions to be president beyond the current terms stipulated by the constitution of Zimbabwe.

This is in resonance with what he said in June 2018. Back then, he said that he was confident he would still be the president of Zimbabwe in 2030, adding that his economic vision for the country is not a mistake. He said:

I chose 2030 and it’s not a magic year, but I believe I will still be there. I would want to commend the Buy Zimbabwe team which has continued to work closely with both private and public sectors to drive the buy local message and encourage the purchase of local products and services so that local business can thrive, thereby, stimulating economic growth and creating decent jobs for us to be a middle-income country by 2030.

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