The Drama That Happened At Masvingo Remand Prison Today.

These 4 incidences in no particular order happened today at Masvingo Remand Prison where Hon Job Sikhala is jailed pending his bail application tomorrow.

1. Chamisa was denied access to see Hon Sikhala

It was reported that Chamisa was not allowed to see the legislator today when he went to see him at the prison.

2. Prison officers slap Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Chidhakwa

The prison officers according to the same tweep also slapped Mabvuku Tafara MP James Chidhakwa after they had refused the MDC officials access to their colleague.

3. Guards Demand To Listen To Sikhala and wife’s conversation

Sikhala refused to eat after the guards demanded to listen to his conversation with his wife.

4.  Biti and Rose Hanzi finally allowed to see the legislator

At last 2 officials, Tendai Biti and ZHRL Rose hanzi were allowed to see Job Sikhala.


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