Civil Servants Angered By Soldiers’ $400 Increment

Thousands of civil servants are reportedly angry over a salary increment that was received by soldiers against their own which was almost 75% less than that received by the gunners. The Daily News reports that treasury advanced $400 to soldiers while the rest of the civil force received a $97 increment.

Different unions have come out fuming saying the government is giving the gunners preferential treatment. Raymond Majongwe speaking to The Daily News said:

This clearly shows the government is treating us as second class employees. The real tragedy is soldiers dont bargain with the government anywhere. It makes a mockery of the Apex Council and those who spend time attending useless cosmetic meetings.

The went with their begging baskets and got a mere $97 and those sitting in the barracks got $400. Its should also be understood that $400 is far too short of our expectations.

ARTUZ’s  Obert Masaraure speaking to the same publication also said:

We condemn the devide and rule tactics being employed by the government. soldiers deserve an equaivalent of $500 they used to earn. Teachers and other civil servants deserve the same.

Apex Council Secretary General David Dzatsunga lamented the move by the government and called the increment received by other civil servants what are not soldiers paltry:

The government offered a paltry $97 for every civil servant, we reject that.  The government should go back and come back with another reasonable offer. The situation is deteriorating and the question is not about strike but incapacitation.

More: The Daily News 

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