PICTURES: Eskom and ZESA Officials In Power Meeting

Pictures posted by South Africa’s power utility company, Eskom, on social media show a meeting it held with ZESA, Zimbabwe’s power utility company.

“Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer met with a high-powered Zimbabwean delegation at Megawatt Park on 11 July 2019 to discuss the main challenges facing Zimbabwe’s energy system. The Zimbabwean delegation was led by Engineer Patrick Chivaura, Acting Group CEO of ZESA Holdings (Pty) Ltd”

Zimbabwe is currently asking for Eskom to resume providing power to the country to ease the power challenges, caused by the drought (which has reduced water levels at Kariba) which reduced the power generation output as well as the non-payment of debts for electricity supplied by South African and Mozambique.

Zimbabwe has paid $10 million dollarrs to Eskom but of the $33 million total amount it owed Eskom.

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One Comment on “PICTURES: Eskom and ZESA Officials In Power Meeting

  1. “wheres our money”?
    “eh , ah, well , you see, ummm….”
    “how you going to pay for this new deal”?
    “eh , ah, well , you see, ummm….”
    “are you all stupid at zesa”?
    “eh , ah, well , you see, ummm….”

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