Chamisa Angered By Arrests Of MDC Members

Opposition leader, advocate Nelson Chamisa, yesterday expressed his anger on the government for arresting members of his party. The arrested members are being accused of intending to overthrow president President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power.

Posting on Twitter, Chamisa said:

I don’t understand why they want to persecute an innocent man. Why should they persecute Sikhala for speaking his mind? He is not an ordinary man, he must be treated as a civilised honourable member of parliament.

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An allegation does not make him a criminal. He loves his country and I hope that he will be treated with dignity.

His remarks come after police arrested MDC vice chairperson and Zengeza West MP, Job Sikhala, for subverting of a constitutionally elected government. The police also arrested party youth assembly secretary general Gift Ostallos Siziba over allegedly offensive comments he made during a rally held last weekend.

Addressing MDC supporters on social media earlier, Chamisa rallied behind Sikala whom he described as a patriot who expresses himself in a very passionate way. Chamisa added:

Mnangagwa must know that … no dictator lasts forever. There’s no dictator who stays in power forever.

Siziba was arrested after he threatened to embark on mass demonstrations. He had said:

We want to warn … Mnangagwa that we are not scared of you chief. We’re coming for you and we will unleash a programme of demonstrations here in Zimbabwe until we usher in a democratic breakthrough led by Nelson Chamisa.

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One Comment on “Chamisa Angered By Arrests Of MDC Members

  1. Zimbabwe surely belongs forever to both the ruled and rulers; the arrested and arresters/ state and what we are only short of is constructive dialogue on ushering Zimbabwe to a new phase where all citizens will live peacefully and prosperously. Dialogue progressively adds up well for all while arrests and the antagonism it creates certainly sets Zimbabweans apart, further dividing and falling in crumps. God bless

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