Barcelona Star, Lionel Messi Faces 2-Year Ban & “It’s Non Of His Business”

Barcelona forward and Argentina captain, Lionel Messi faces a two-year ban for alleging that CONMEBOL influenced the Copa America tournament in favour of Brazil.

Speaking after Argentina’s victory over Chile in the third-place playoff at Copa America, in a match in which he was red-carded, Messi reportedly said:

There is no doubt, the whole thing is set up for Brazil. I hope the VAR and referees don’t play any part in the final and that Peru can compete but it looks tough to me.

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I did not want to be part of this corruption, we shouldn’t have to be part of this disrepect we suffered during the Copa America.

We could have gone further but we weren’t allowed into the final. Corruption, referees and all the rest stopped people from enjoying the football.

I always tell the truth and I’m honest, that is what keeps me calm, if what I say has repercussions that is not my business.

Insulting CONMEBOL carries a ban of up to two years as per CONMEBOL regulations. Messi, if handed the ban, would miss the 2022 World Cup qualification as well as the Copa America next year in Argentina and Colombia.

CONMEBOL has since released a statement describing Messi’s comments as “representing a lack of respect” for the competition, players involved and professionals of CONMEBOL.


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29 comments on “Barcelona Star, Lionel Messi Faces 2-Year Ban & “It’s Non Of His Business”

  1. freedom of expression is a universal right.why should one be subjected to a backlash for expressing a viewpoint.these are dictatorial tendencies associated with totalitarian regimes in undeveloped nations.Messi, i salute you for not siding with a glaring affront to justice.

  2. wow corruption is everywhere indeed. why would someone be punished for saying the truth? some referees and the so called VAR are not helping out at all. let’s see what happens!!!

  3. To provide a proof for corruption is usually very difficult. So a CONMEBOL’s decision might work against Messi, because his claim that the referee refused to consult VAR for their 2 penalty claims against Brazil represent corruption will not work. It is the referee’s prerogative to consult the VAR or not. So CONMEBOL may investigate why the referee refused to consult the VAR when he was asked to do so by Messi. If the 2 claims were genuine claims then the referee is corrupt. Otherwise Messi should expect a harsh punishment.

  4. Conmebol have so far failed to release the VAR audio between the match official and the VAR team. Believe me when I say there is something in it that CONMEBOL does not want the rest of the world to hear. CONMEBOL is rotten to the core. Thank you Messi for exposing the corrupt Conmebol. I just hope that they wont ban you for 2 years. Mucho gracie Messi.

  5. yes d refree is wicked and corrupt why did he refuse to check d var dey did dat in favour of Brazil truely wat a shame….up messi

  6. So said “none of his business”people clear the points.1) Why the referee didn’t go for VAR?
    2)If it is (whether to go for it or not) on field ref. Own chooce !? Then what F****g VARmeant for. 3) If the VAR officials had said something to ref. For the foul, please release the audio. 4) If the VAR Officials have some respect for the game they should come out and tell the truth as what it happened. 5) F*****ng CONMEBOL CAN NOT GO THAT MUCH SIMPLE WITH POWER ON THEIR HANDS, Finally, If it is only On fiels Refferee decision and he corrupted the game he should be punished amd their BOSS, CONMEBOL should apologise publicly that they hired a corrupted refferee and the game is fixed out side! “YOU CAN NOT BE BLIND FOLD WHEN YOUR INNER WEAR REMOVED ” BULL SHIT CONMEBOL

  7. I solute you leo my idiol no matter what make you shout would make some footballers cry bcos your are not amoung thoes who alway complaint in the game weather the won it or lose, i think conmebol should take note of that messi is a displine player in the whole of his intair carea he only got two red card and 77 yellow card talkless of his rival ronaldo with 11 red and 120 yellow card

  8. now i konw this is on proffesional for the conmebol they need restrict and get away from that place.messi i salute you are right

  9. Messi is wrong to say that if argentina would have played their best they would have the trophy so you should take decision on messi why best player in the world punnish him

  10. Thank you L Messi for telling the truth of the copa America referee is corrupt. You’re right L Messi.

  11. Shamed full on official especially the match official because hi didn’t know how to use the modern technology…………

  12. A legend like Messi is always correct. See his career. A through gentleman. Excellent sportsmanship is exhibited. Respect Messi.

  13. Fuck that that cornball I mean Conmebol this competition getting boring anyway, now you wanna banned one of the players who’s making ppl enjoying the game and keep ppl watching ur crap for speaking the truth smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. Is Messi greater than or at par with a continental institution like Comenbol?
    Would it have been taken from another player?

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