MDC Told To Wake Up And Provide National Leadership

A columnist for The Standard publication, Gifford Mehluli Sibanda, has urged the opposition MDC to “wake up” as the great masses need leadership which ZANU PF has failed to provide.

The MDC has been told not to procrastinate but take to the streets before citizens give up on the party while allowing ZANU to reinvent itself. Wrote Sibanda:

The people look up to this movement as a real political alternative to Zanu PF. The masses stand ready for that call, which Nelson Chamisa pledged at 2019 Congress, saying he would lead the masses towards economic prosperity and reclaim their electoral victory stolen by Zanu PF.

The MDC seems either absent or is taking too long to take up the task.

The danger of the MDC procrastination to take to the streets is that it will frustrate Zimbabweans to a point of giving up on the movement and the unintended consequence is that it will give Zanu PF a chance to reinvent itself through one of its factions. The Zanu PF youth league seems on track, doing something about corruption.

Unfortunately, people know that more than weeding out corruption, the real motivation is a chance at the feeding trough.

We may not, in the distant future, find people thronging the streets celebrating these cosmetic changes with no value as Zanu PF projects itself as the saviour in the crisis that they have worked so hard to create for close to four decades.

One of the dangerous things to ever do as a political entity is to create a vacuum in politics. A party must always be heard and seen to be in pursuit of providing answers to the desires of the constituency that it leads, especially in times of economic collapse and hardship.

Sibanda further argues that the MDC should be at the forefront in exposing corruption in ZANU PF. Instead, the party is silent while Zimbabweans are being shortchanged daily. He continues:

The MDC must be at the forefront of exposing corruption in Zanu PF, the corruption that stinks to high heavens. MDC’s silence is quite deafening and

One would have expected the party to be leading the protests, going to the courts and approaching all other institutions that are established within our constitution to expose this corruption, but unfortunately, the movement seems to be choosing silence while Zimbabweans are short-changed daily.

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