Former Studio 263 Actor Alleges Sexual Abuse By Walter Magaya

Following recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by the Maenzanise family against Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder and leader, Walter Magaya, two women have come out claiming that they were also Magaya’s victims.

Charity Dlodlo and Sarah Maruta, both former members of Magaya’s church, said that they were sexually abused by the “prophet” at the church.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail on Wednesday, Dlodlo, who gained fame on Studio 263 as Mai Madziva, said that she joined Magaya’s church on August 2, 2015.

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Dlodlo revealed that she manifested on the first day she visited PHD Ministries and was later to meet Magaya one-on-one at his Marlborough guest house.

According to Dlodlo, Magaya later offered to pay her rentals. She said:

When the offer to pay my rent came, I saw nothing amiss as I thought this was the man of God living up to his word. I accepted the money and didn’t see any ulterior motive.

Dlodlo claimed that she dismissed initial reports of rape against Magaya that were made by churchmates.

However, as part of her voluntary ministry work, she would also vet testimonies that would later be aired on Yadah TV, the PHD Ministry’s television channel. That was when she met an alleged Magaya victim, Sarah Maruta. Said Dlodlo:

Through the vetting exercise, I came face-to-face with the work of Prophet Magaya, and every testimony that I came across emboldened my faith and trust in him.

Then the day Prophet Magaya went to Israel, Sarah Maruta, whom I had become close to during the acting lessons, phoned to say she wanted to talk to me.

We met in town and after some lunch, when I was about to say my goodbyes, she opened up. She told me she had been raped by Prophet Magaya.

Earlier on, the prophet had told me to appraise him if any girl had opened up to me about any problems, whatever problem.

So when the prophet came from Israel, I approached him with Sarah’s allegations, which he flatly denied and asked me to keep him in the loop of what Sarah was saying to me.

Dlodlo further claimed that she escaped being raped by Magaya when she was asked to come to the Prospect offices where she knelt before the prophet, as per church tradition.

She said Magaya rose from his chair, kissed her and touched her breasts. Dlodlo cried out loud, possibly attracting the attention of those who were nearby.

Dlodlo said after the incident, Magaya would make efforts to keep her close — as well as pampering her financially.

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2 comments on “Former Studio 263 Actor Alleges Sexual Abuse By Walter Magaya

  1. if its true,kkkkk,congregants if you happen to have a voluptuous wife who used to pamper the PROPHET with praise kindly know,it also happened.kkkk,its easier to rape a married woman than a single woman.ask any woman,who you confide in kkkkk.

  2. haa imi kana munhu abhinywa anoenda ku police not kunewspaper musade kudonhedza munhu waMwari netunyaya tusina basa utwu. ..paakarepwa akadii kuenda ku police ….tinyararirei…

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