“Govt Prepares Another Romance With Apex Council, Nothing Comes Out,” PTUZ

The Apex Council is expected to meet with President Mnangagwa on Tuesday to discuss the workers’ salaries. Earlier, they had demanded their salaries to be paid in United States dollars. However, those demands have since been overtaken by events as the government has since shunned the multicurrency system.

The Apex council is cognisant of the fact that workers’ salaries have been eroded by inflation that has been on the rise since the beginning of this year. Resultantly, most workers live way below the poverty datum line.

Meanwhile, the ban on the use of all foreign currencies for domestic transactions has reportedly resulted in a fall of prices for some commodities. Although some observers project that the fall will not last, Apex Council spokesperson, David Dzatsunga, told News Day that their demands will be informed by the pricing shifts that are happening.

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Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) President, Dr Takavafira Zhou, has argued that the meeting between the government and the Apex Council will not yield any positive outcome as has always been the case.

He accuses the Council of aiding to the woes of workers by not taking necessary measures to ensure that workers are cushioned from the bumps of life. Zhou said:

As usual, government is preparing for another romance with the Apex Council next week. The NJNC has always failed to address even some non-monetary issues like land and tuition fees for teachers’ children. No wonder, we feel they are masquerading as leaders.

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