FULL TEXT: ZANU PF Youth League Boss Pupurai Togarepi’s Statement On Failed Stayaway

It was a hollow call that failed to touch the right chords and set in motion an orgy of violence, trepidation, uncertainty and chaos that the opposition through its lackeys feverishly was agitated for.

At the end of the day, as peaceful Zimbabweans went back home aboard the cheaper Zupco buses availed by the government there was not even talk of the so-called stay-away. During the day, it was all peaceful and square as people went about their daily businesses freely and peacefully.

With no one to heed their heinous calls for demonstrations, themselves disguised methods to unseat a constitutionally elected government, the opposition in the country could easily and sadly pass for an imbecile, a clueless organisation groping and fumbling in the dark for the keys to relevance.

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Even more sadly and regrettably the genie is out of the bottle and their modus operandi is now as bare as the folklore goat’s behind, no one is going to buy their bottled smoke anymore because Zimbabweans have far better concerns than to stay away from productive work.

We are past that phase of demonstrations and Zimbabweans have now heeded President ED’s calls to put shoulder to the wheel “and work around the clock” to turnaround the fortunes of the country in “love, peace and harmony”.

Machinations to sow seeds of discord in the country and incite people into violent demonstrations can no longer sell, because peace-loving Zimbabweans, although once-beaten are now twice as shy or rather cleverer and will not fall into the same old trap of being used to push for regime change through illegitimate methods by the country’s orphaned opposition.

For the uninitiated, the opposition through its favoured lapdog, the so-called Tajamuka group had called for a national stay away to last throughout this week. The opposition thought it could cripple the government and cause mayhem as it did in the past but well it was a rather monumental flop that demonstrates that there are no tricks that will persuade the people of Zimbabwe into violence.

The so-called opposition is directionless and demoralised clutching on straws of nigh oblivion and nowhere is this more apparent than the failure to attract people to its so-called demonstration or week-long stay-away.

The demonstrations by the MDC were ostensibly meant to pressure the government to act on the economy but really an attempt to worm the losing lot in the opposition sinking ship into government, through some utopian government of national unity.

That attempt failed dismally and it will fail again whether it is the overambitious Chamisa who proposes such an unjust and self-serving route to gain State power. As President ED has repeatedly said, his doors are open and all those who have Zimbabwe at heart are free to pay him a visit and discuss national matters, why resort to confrontation when there is a platform for dialogue.

That the economy is on a recovery path is beyond question, that President ED is the right man for the arduous job to steer the ship to prosperity again is beyond question. We are cruising towards prosperity and no amount of tomfoolery and funny tricks will make the 2018 presidential poll losers gain relevance.

The train is unstoppable.
Zimbabweans have come of age and it is through such actions that we are defined and refined as a collective with no room for violence which oftentimes is destructive and costly to the nation.

When the same merchants of violence called for demonstrations in January this year business lost millions, vendors, an important cog of our country’s economy lost their wares and some are still to recover while those who call for demonstrations in the comfort of their homes or in foreign countries lost nothing.

Police will use appropriate action to stem dissent and people must be commended for refusing to heed to calls by the likes of Chamisa through proxies to shut down the country.

Thank You, Zimbabwe

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