ZANU PF Youths Do Not Need ED’s Approval To Fight Corruption – Matutu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa only got to know about the ZANU PF Youth League’s corruption list from the media, deputy secretary Lewis Matutu claimed.

Speaking to’s current affairs programme The Agenda on Monday, Matutu said that the Youth League does not need President Mnangagwa’s permission to fight corruption. He said:

We didn’t inform him. He didn’t know, actually, he got it from the media.

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If we had told the president that we were going to name the corrupt officials perhaps certain individuals could have said we have been sent by the President.

… We also thought that maybe the President could try to talk us out and maybe suggest that he deals with the issues using government or party structures.

When it was put to him that perhaps, the youths intended to put President Mnangagwa on the spot by “naming and shaming” corrupt bigwigs, Matutu had this to say:

No there was no intention to put him on the spot. We just wanted to follow our own programme which we think is correct.

We respect the President and he has been very consistent that he is against any form of corruption.

For us, the fact that the party and government will now set up a commission of inquiry into the accusations we made is a victory. We will now wait with evidence to present to the commission. We have the evidence ready.

Matutu went on to post on Twitter that under the “New Dispensation”, party members are allowed to speak out their minds. He wrote:

It was during the (former President Robert) Mugabe era where people could not speak their mind unless they ask him.

In this new dispensation, we are free to exercise our rights and I don’t need the approval of President ED to talk about corruption.

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