WATCH: Responses To Zororo Makamba’s Views On Return Of Zim Dollar

Zororo Mkamba has claimed that the US dollar has had both positive and negative impacts on the economy. He went on and on to narrate the Zimbabwean journey since the adoption of the US dollar as legal tender in Zimbabwe. Among several other issues, he noted that the US$ helped in bringing down the 2008 hyperinflation that had reached a 231 million percent as per official statistics. Makamba also notes that a country cannot do much if it does not have control over the currency. His video features MDC Vice President Tendai who opined that the US dollar was bad for our economy since it was overpriced.  Watch the video below for a deeper analysis.


Responding to the video, some said Makamba’s analysis is on point particularly his explanation of where we have come from and why economic reforms are necessary.

Others, however, think that he omitted a lot of fundamental facts in his presentation. Kuda Musasiwa tweeted:

Wonderful production by Zororo. Best example of disinformation by using real information and purposely not including other information. When propaganda is done right it can make poo smell like roses. Good job ZanuPF. Hopefully people will understand and balance with the omitted.

2. Not one mention of the Africxam Bank “guarantee” of our RTGS. No mention ot the 1:1 gedye ad campaign. No mention to the billions lost in pensions and savings. No mention of the promise that our money was safe. No mention of the government subsidy to fuel and other things.

Another Twitter user, Happy Zengeni, a prominent financial analyst and founder of the Financial Express publication responded to the analysis and said:

Zvanzi tea from Malawi is cheaper because its priced in Kwacha and tea from Zimbabwe is expensive because it is in USD$!!!! Mombasa auction inotengwa ne kwacha nhai? Five roses kutobve England ne kwacha? Logic yacho yatipotsei mbichana i think!!

Another user had to say:

But it still will not work. No amount of propaganda will make our economy work with the fundamental reforms. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mutumanje, Makamba or some ghost character!


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