Mabelreign High School Pupils Want ‘Obstinate’ School Head Transferred

Pupils at Mabelreign Girls High School in Harare marched to a local police station on Wednesday demanding action to be taken against the school head Bertha Kusena.

The pupils complained that Kusena is running the school aground, citing a litany of grievances.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mabelreign High School head girl, Miriam Kusvayi revealed that Kusena is obstinate as she does not listen to their complaints. She said:

She doesn’t communicate with us and if we make a report she doesn’t give us feedback.

We complained about the poor services being offered long back but she acts as if everything is fine.

She is not free to us; we also want motherly talk from her but she doesn’t walk around the school just to see how we are progressing with school work.

Some of the grievances that were cited include poor food quality, deplorable ablution facilities among other factors. Added Kusvayi:

There is no quality food here; we understand that the economy is tough but she should at least try to provide for us.

If we complain she will say ‘chikuru kudya’. How can ten people share four pieces of meat?

The toilets are always dirty with sewage flowing in the toilets due to plumbing issues and the hostels are always dirty. Nothing has been done about it.

There are water problems as well; we use swimming pool water to bath, wash, brush our teeth and the water will be very dirty.

We need to be allowed to bring laptops just like other schools. How can we research if we don’t have the resources and standards are going down?

Kusena was also accused of failing to support sports. The school sports prefect Paidamoyo Banda said:

We are no longer involved in various sporting activities and this will be disadvantaging those who are good at sports.

If we ask her, the explanation will be that the institution had no sports budget.

If we happen to go for sports, we will be offered ‘dog’ (loose) biscuits the whole day; this is not fair.

All the coaches were fired. We are no longer able to put the school on the map.

There are also reports that a certain male teacher habitually physically harasses pupils when he is under the influence of alcohol.

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Mabelreign is a north -western suburb of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.There are a number of shopping centres in the area. The Mabelreign post office, Mabelreign Police Station, municipality offices, and a local clinic are located on Stortford parade in Mabelreign shopping centre. Secondary schools... Read More About Mabelreign


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