FULL TEXT: Eddie Cross Fears The Reintroduction Of The Zim Dollar Will Cause Instability

Founding Member of the Nelson Chamisa led MDC and economist, Eddie Cross has said that the dramatic return of the Zimbabwe dollar and ban of the use of all foreign currencies will likely cause instability in the country.

Speaking to SABC, Cross said that the government should have first established fundamentals to sustain the economy. Cross said:

It came as a complete bolt out of the blue, nobody was expecting this. For those of us who’re in the game, we think its premature. We think that a move like this shouldn’t have been taken outside the context of a wide range of other measures designed to stabilise the economy and the rate of exchange at this moment in time. This measure taken in what sees to be an awful hurry will simply add to our woes and maybe destabilise the country.

People are uncertain about what exactly is going to happen to the local currency. We have two forms of currency, an electronic currency which governs 90 percent of all transactions (RTGS) and then we have a local paper currency, the bond note, which is only available in $5 and $2 denominations. The problem with this situation is that a great deal of our trade is now done in hard currencies, for example there are some service stations that are only serving fuel in hard currency. They buy their fuel in hard currency, they sell their fuel in hard currency. Many firms I think tomorrow will be closed because they simply don’t know what basis in which to trade or price anything in their shops.

The other problem is that the RTGS dollar has been devaluing very rapidly in the last few weeks. Over the weekend it was reported to have reached 17:1 and when you think that the same currency last year was trading 1:1 or in the parallel market 3:1 against the US dollar, you will understand that has a dramatic impact on domestic pricing. Most people today can’t afford bread, they can’t afford the basics.

I personally had a meeting with the minister (of finance) yesterday, in fact I met him for about two hours. Mthuli Ncube is a highly intelligent guy, and an outstanding economist with an international reputation. He knows what to do, but the problem is he doesn’t have any political constituency here so he’s very much at the mercy of the political structures within which he has to work for approval to do this or that. It seems to me the governor of the Reserve Bank has taken this measure a little bit out of context, and I think he would have to put that right. I would not be surprised if this measure is put on hold while we sort out the other issues which are involved at this moment in time.

The currency is changing value on a daily basis, some will say hourly basis. This has to be stopped. There’s no fundamental economic reason for this because our macro-economic fundamentals are now sound – we’ve a balance of payments surplus, we’ve a fiscal surplus. So this is real nonsense, this has been driven by speculation, and there’s no economic basis for that. So what we’ve to do is get the interbank market working properly. We’ve to put all our foreign exchange through the interbank market and make foreign exchange available at a market rate in our banks very quickly.

The reality on the ground is that a majority of the people are still using United States dollars. Frankly, there’s not enough paper currency in the country, our own currency, to really replace the United States dollar. Whatever we do, the market ultimately will be supreme and will make its own decisions. We’re foolish if we think we can buck the market.

If the rate stays at 17, 18 or even 20:1, we’re looking at 200 percent inflation within days. That simply has got to be stopped because incomes in Zimbabwe are not rising and people literally can’t afford to buy their basics and this simply has to be brought under control. If the government doesn’t do that, I fear for the stability of the state in every way.

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One Comment on “FULL TEXT: Eddie Cross Fears The Reintroduction Of The Zim Dollar Will Cause Instability

  1. Can you imagine the United States allowing its nationals to run parallel black markets exchanging the US$ for other currencies. This will never happen in the US or UK, every foreign currency has to be changed in the official market. You can not allow criminals to determine the exchange rate of your currency on a daily basis, unless of course if you are involved in the corruption. I said this before and I will say it again; the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is involved in the black market exchange rate of the foreign currency; including senior government officials. The only few foreign currency dealers who get arrested are those not connected to the cartels just to wood-wink the gullible. If the street foreign currency exchange is not brought to order, the Zimbabwe Dollar will collapse faster than it was introduced.

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