Headmasters Branded ‘Enemies Of Progress’ For Banning Cellphones In Schools

The Morgan Zintec College principal has criticised school heads for being enemies of progress by barring students from using smartphones in schools.

Morgan Zintec College is a primary school teacher training institution located in Harare.

Dr Tonderai James Zendah was addressing school heads at the National Association of Secondary Heads (Nash) conference in Victoria Falls on Wednesday. He said:

We have a situation whereby pupils are searched when they board buses to go to school because we want to make sure they don’t carry smartphones.

We as headmasters brag to our colleagues about how strict we are on this issue not knowing that we are being enemies of progress.

Let us not stifle technology. I prefer we move a gear up and allow cell phones in school but probably those with specific software.

However, educators who are against the use of smartphones by pupils in schools believe that gadgets will distract children from learning as they will spend time on social media platforms.

In advanced countries such as France, under new rules introduced in 2018, pupils under the age of 15 are not allowed to bring smartphones to schools. A Busines Insider report says:

Monday is the first day that French schoolchildren under 15 cannot use their cellphones at any point during the school day, thanks to a new nationwide law.

The ban, passed in July following a campaign pledge made by French President Emmanuel Macron, will affect elementary and junior high schools across the country as they return from the summer break.

The new law, which went into effect on August 5, bans all types of cellphones, as well as tablets and smartwatches.

While a ban on cellphones during class hours was already in place since 2010, the new law extends to breaks and mealtimes.

Schools are free to choose themselves if they will implement the ban for students over 15. There are also some exceptions to the ban, such as for students with disabilities.

More: New Zimbabwe, Business Insider

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