‘Marriages Act Amendment Bill To Make Zimbabwe Like Sodom & Gomorrah’

Various stakeholders have condemned a section in the Marriages Act Amendment Bill saying that it will fuel adultery.

Church leaders and Bulawayo residents on Wednesday called for the scrapping of Section 40 of the Bill claiming that it will open the floodgates of immoral behaviour.

Among other things, the Bill allows individuals to enter into a marriage partnership with any person of the opposite sex, who is above the age of 18, despite their being married under chapter 5:11.

In other words, the section legalises polygamy for persons married under the “one-spouse” Chapter 5:11.

A Bulawayo pastor, Pastor Mzizi from the Jabula New Life Covenant Church opined that the Bill will push the country into moral decadence comparable to the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

A woman, identified as MaNxumalo, who spoke during the meeting said:

This civil partnership, if allowed to be made law, will lead to serious problems. We will lose the spirit of ubuntu. Remember, nations are built on strong family institutions. If we destroy family values, what kind of a nation are we building?

The Bill has stirred controversy among citizens with some vehemently attacking the Section, while others have welcomed it with glee.

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4 comments on “‘Marriages Act Amendment Bill To Make Zimbabwe Like Sodom & Gomorrah’

  1. Which spirit of ubuntu are you talking about, zvekuita mudzimai mumwechete zvakauya nevachena izvi, haisi tsika yedu isu…. look back to our history vakuru vedu vese ava vakwegura vakabarwa mumabarika. Imi mumbori anani mavakuda kutuka tsika yevabari kudaro.

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