Econet Wireless & Steward Bank Accused Of Violating Workers’ Rights

Econet Wireless and Steward Bank have been named among a plethora of local companies that wantonly violate workers’ rights.

A recent report by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) global index ranked Zimbabwe in the top 10 World’s Ten Worst Countries for Workers.

A Zim Morning Post report claims to have unearthed gross workers’ rights violations by the mobile giant as well as its sister company Steward Bank.

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Zimbabwe Bankers Workers Union (ZIBAWU) member Tirivanhu Marimo said that Steward Bank has terminated contracts of the majority of permanent employees, replacing them with casual employees. He said:

The situation is that 85% of Steward bank workers are casual workers with contracts subject to renewal every 6 months or 2 years and this has been done to capitalize profits at the bank and avoid paying terminal benefits to employees.

A casual worker who spoke to Zim Morning Post lamented how Econet Wireless uses the divide and rule tactic. Said the disgruntled worker:

What kind of company as big as ours that does not give you job security, we all have three or six months contracts which are renewed over and over again and this is frustrating.

Imagine I have been working here for the past two years but I renew my contract every six months, what pains me more is that the day they choose not to renew my contract that’s it, I will leave with no package at all.

The whole system is a divide and rule tactic to cause disunity among workers, we sign different contracts in the same department.

Those that are employed through recruitment agents or commission based employee get even worse treatment.

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