Service Stations Defy Govt Directive, Price Fuel In US$ Only

Some motorists have expressed concern over service stations which are charging for fuel in US dollars only. Charging in US dollars only is a violation of the government that they should accept all forms of payment.

The Herald reports that Flo Petroleum and Zuva had pegged their product at US$1,20 per litre. Flo Petroleum is reportedly rejecting payments in RTGS dollars as an alternative. Although Zuva still has fuel priced in RTGS dollars, it is not readily available like that which is sold in forex.

Motorists who spoke to the Herald said that they were resorting to using public transport as they could not afford fuel priced in USD. Mr John Muunga from Chikanga said:

These service stations are refusing payment in EcoCash or swipe, they are only accepting US dollars.

I cannot afford that because I do not earn in foreign currency. I would rather use public transport because the money I am forced to fork out in US dollars to fill my tank is too much.

Another motorist, Ms Jane Sithole said the prices were becoming too high given that she would need to buy US dollars from the black market where money changers sell them at very high rates.

More: The Herald

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