Soldiers Flee With Gold From Mine After Clash With Security Guards

A Newsday report says that eight soldiers reportedly invaded Ceola Mine in Concession, Mashonaland Central province, last week and attempted to disarm security guards manning the premises.

The soldiers allegedly went on to steal gold ore worth US$150 before fleeing in a military vehicle.

The incident was revealed when one of the soldiers was attacked by dogs and was subsequently admitted at Concession District Hospital.

Concession resident magistrate Ruth Moyo remanded Shelton Marerwa (52) to June 28.

Marerwa, a Captain with the Zimbabwe National Army, and his accomplices claimed to be members of the Central Intelligence Organisation when they stormed the mine.

They were armed with three pistols as they charged at the guards who fought back valiantly, forcing the soldiers to flee, leaving the Captain behind who had been mauled by the vicious dogs.

The getaway vehicle was abandoned after breaking down a few kilometres from the mine and is being kept at Mazowe Police Station as an exhibit.

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