PICTURE: “Chiwenga’s Accident Scene Tells A different Story,” Bushiri’s Spokesperson

Maynard Manyowa, Zimbabwean journalist, entrepreneur, and spokesperson of Malawian religious leader Shepherd Bushiri has added to the torture of Apostle Talent Chiwenga by posting pictures from the accident scene which refute the narrative the preacher recently gave.

Chiwenga had claimed in a video posted on social media, while on a hospital bed that the accident “was not normal” but an assassination attempt by state security agents.

National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire, however, quickly rejected those utterances arguing that Chiwenga was just afraid of culpable homicide charges after three passengers including his wife perished in the accident.

Manyowa also took to Twitter to demonstrate how Chiwenga’s narrative could be far fetched. He said:

Kudos to mukoma for being one of the first people to see through the BS. Accident pic shows 1. No ditch 2. No tree 3. Car did not swerve away from incoming traffic but straight into it and across the road. 4. 100m ahead is a blind curve – how was car spotted?

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'Maynard Manyowa is a Zimbabwean journalist, entrepreneur and spokesperson of Malawian religious leader Shepherd Bushiri. He founded Khuluma Afrika, an online-based publication. He is also a contributor to South African based publications News24 and Daily Maverick. In November of 2018, Manyowa appeared before The Motlanthe... Read More About Maynard Manyowa

The National Patriotic Front is a Zimbabwean political party spearheaded by former ZANU-PF members Professor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere who are on a self-imposed exile. The party’s consultation document denounced the military takeover of November 2017 that led to Robert Mugabe's resignation.... Read More About National Patriotic Front

'Apostle' Thomas Chiwenga is a prominent Harare preacher and founder of Apostle T.F Chiwenga Ministries. Chiwenga is mostly known for criticizing politicians and other religious leaders during his sermons. He has criticized politicians President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Constantino Chiwenga and MDC President Nelson Chamisa. Religious leaders... Read More About Apostle Talent Chiwenga


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One Comment on “PICTURE: “Chiwenga’s Accident Scene Tells A different Story,” Bushiri’s Spokesperson

  1. start the analysis from the Top..not from the skid marks..the car came off the road into the gravel ..we all know what happens when one wheel is on the tar and the other on the gravel..the vehicle will definitely veer off the road..so the are two scenarios to this. 1.the driver may have slept ..2 the driver was trying to avoid an encroaching vehicle..hence he veered to the left..basical that road is as high risk road becoz its too narrow..this accident would have been avoided if the road was wider..therefore we nid to blame the authority responsible for road networks in zimbabwe..before you point a finger solely at the driver..

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