Harare City Council Able To Supply Less 12.5% Of Water Demand

Harare City Council Spokesperson has said that the council can only supply 100 megaliters a day, against a daily demand of 800 megaliters. This represents just 12.5% of the demand being met.

Currently, the City Council is unable to meet due to the prevailing drought which has lowered water levels in Lake Chivero (the main water source) and also due to a lack of money to purchase water treating chemicals. The council is allocated forex by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and currently depends on availability to procure the chemicals. Currently, it needs RTGS$12 million a month.

From the Daily News:

“The $12 million is based on the interbank rate of the day but it can also change. We cannot guarantee stocks because that will only be determined by availability of the foreign currency to purchase them,” Chideme said.

He however, indicated that the city’s biggest challenge to water supply is the drought which has reduced levels in Lake Chivero.
Chideme also highlighted an increase in prices of chemicals did not necessarily translate into an increase in rates.
“Most prices adjustments will be addressed and reviewed in the supplementary budget after the consultation process has been finalised,” he said.

The last three months Harare has been failing to provide adequate water for its residents owing to a shortage of chemicals. The city has a daily demand of more than 800 Megalitres (Ml), however, currently Harare is only producing 100 Ml per day.
Currently, HCC uses seven chemicals namely sulphuric acid, chlorine gas, sodium silicate, activated carbon, aluminium sulphate, hydrated lime and HTH but is conducting trials to reduce them to two or three.

Some suburbs in Harare have gone for more than a decade without water supply. Others have had an erratic supply for more than a decade now.

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