ZIMBABWEANS REACT: To ZANU PF MP Buying A US$210 000 Lamborghini

On Monday, it was reported that ZANU PF MP for Gokwe Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena had imported a Lamborghini from Europe.

The supercar costs a whopping US$210 000 and it is this extravagant figure that sent tounges wagging.

While more than 90 per cent of Zimbabweans are struggling to make ends meet, some observers were dishearted by the revelation that a ruling party MP can live in such opulence. Here is how some Zimbwaean on Twitter reacted:

The guy who imported a Lamborghini into Zim should be a testament that the sanctions mantra is an excuse. If people wanted to be real farmers they could import John Deere tractors & equipment from anywhere. People buy ex-Jap cars every day but they claim sanctions on productivity nxa! Freeman

Parliament has a scheme under which it allocates a fixed amount, about US$40K, to each MP to purchase a car duty-free. MPs can top up the allocated amount to purchase/import a car of their choice. In the instant case, the MP says he purchased the Lamborghini for U$420 000.00! Prof Jonathan Moyo

From today onwards, anyone who blames Zimbabwe’s economic demise on SANCTIONS instead of ZANUPF’s corruption is a Dum-Dum. That is the new name for those who defend rot using sanctions, call them Dum-Dums. They are fools who think the whole country is stupid! Down with Dum Dum! Hopewell Chin’ono

I can’t pay $1 500 child support: Wadyajena – DailyNews Live so gladly his fortunes have changed so positively in the last 5 years. Chipo Dendere

This is the guy that could not pay maintained for his child. He could not afford RTGS 1500 he swore this b4 a judge. Simon Chiruka 1

@fortunechasi The bicycle deal is off, handingaiti bhasikoro I have worked so hard I have hard earned money, ndatengawo mota yangu Aaah vamwe voDriver supercharged cars with 5-litre engines isu totenga mabhasikoro? @JusticeMayorW which Zimra Office do I go to for free duty? Cde Setfree Mafukidze

People should stop judging other people’s way of spending their money if the did not steal it, its a capitalist world that was brought by your America. Most of you here walk on pavements flooded with struggling vendors in USD200 shoes, how different is that? Logan T Chasi

They lie that sanctions are to blame for our economic woes. Their creature comforts aren’t affected. They’ve forex to buy Lamborghinis from Europe & hire private jets from Dubai. They hobnob with elites in Switzerland, pontificating about their pretend solutions to our problems. Fadzayi Mahere

(Zim MP imports a Lamborghini when the gov blames sanctions for being unable to afford or obtain the most basic essentials.) Me: “This is clearly the most egregious thing I’ll see all day.” Zimbabwe: “Hold my beer.” Wes Beal


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