Vimbayi’s Husband Gives Entire $7500 From Parliament To Paul Rukanda’s Widow

Apostle B Java has given the entire RTGS $7500 from parliament to the widow of  Paul Rukanda.  Paul together with Tafadzawa Mhundwa perished in the accident that eventually took Vimbayi’s life.

Paul and Tafadzwa were travelling together with Vimbayi when the accident occurred. They both died on the spot whilst Vimbayi sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Kwekwe Hospital.


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One Comment on “Vimbayi’s Husband Gives Entire $7500 From Parliament To Paul Rukanda’s Widow

  1. you church people who vouch for diplomacy over confrontation must hindsight ,was zimbabwe birthed from diplomacy ?or picketing and fighting?these church people are benefiting indirectly from this interim administration no wonder why they don”t lobby for country wide vicious move out of this leadership debacle reasonable people with common sense must push for a ubiquitous political must be invincible.chamisa and his entourage must use their political demagoguery to instigate the wish of the people.if they are slayed history tells us future generations will always revenge brutally their demise.we all see and know who is playing what in the present set up and history will prove itself on what role you played during your reign.if they are gone their kids must suffer because they are enjoying while the masses suffer.

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