Harare On High Alert As Fears Of Cholera Outbreak Surface In Some Suburbs

Harare is reported to be preparing for the worst as fears of an impending cholera outbreak surfaced in Glen View high density suburb. Harare City Council health officials have said that they are not sure yet if it is cholera or mere diarrhea.

The local government authority Health services director Prosper Chonzi reported that surveillance teams were on the ground assessing the situation in the cholera-prone area. Chonzi said:

The city had noticed an increase in the number of diarrhoeal cases in Budiriro, Glen Norah and Glen View with the latter being greatly affected. These cases have mostly been in areas where people have not had water for about one week and they have resorted to using water from shallow wells which are unprotected.

We have been examining the stools from the patients and so far no traces of the cholera and typhoid bacteria have been found; however, it may be too soon to be comfortable with the incidents.

They should use the water sparingly and treat it with either Aquatabs, boiling and treating it with whatever solution. Preliminary results are indicating to lack of water in the area.

The disease claimed more than 54 lives when it broke out in some Harare suburbs previously. The disease frog jumped to Chitungwiza, Mutare, Gokwe and Buhera.

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