Zimbabweans Respond To Chinamasa’s Appointment As Air Zimbabwe Board Chairperson

The appointment of former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa as the board chairperson of Air Zimbabwe yesterday has attracted diverging responses from Zimbabweans. Some have expressed pessimism over his ability to turnaround the fortunes of the national airline.

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa said Chinamasa’s record makes him the right candidate for the job.

Also congrats to @PAChinamasa on being appointed Board Chair of @FlyAirZimbabwe one thing you can’t take away from him is his hard-line, strict corporate governance stance. They’ll be no nonsense there and he has the capacity to turn it around.

Mliswa advices that Chinamasa must force all government officials, including himself to fly on AirZim flights.

Alex Magaisa, the UK based lawyer questioned the legality in the appointment of Chinamasa.

October 2018, Government issued General Notice 758/2018 under which Air Zimbabwe was placed under administration. Control of the company was given to the Administrator, Reggie Saruchera. The board ceased to have power. But Patrick Chinamasa has been made Chairman of the board

All this suggests that the so-called appointment of Chinamasa as board chairman of Air Zimbabwe is on dubious & shaky legal grounds. Why, in any event, from a corporate governance perspective, would the government create competing authorities – a board & an Administrator?

Another lawyer Admire Shava said that there is no board at Air Zimbabwe, therefore, the appointment does not make sense as he is supposed to chair a non-existent entity.

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