Most Of Your Friends Don’t Actually Like You – Report

Those people you probably hang around, the ones you probably confide in, the ones you probably call when in need, may not actually like you. The Jonathan you like as David or the David you claim as Jonathan may not like you that much. Shocking isn’t it?

According to a 2016 Study in the US, half of your friends don’t actually like you. Remember those time you claimed a best friends that didn’t claim you back? Well Researchers at MIT in Boston in the US  conducted research with 84 subjects. 53% of that population were shocked to discover that the people they claimed were their friends didn’t reciprocate their friendship.

Before you say the population for the study is small, according to the New York Times, it is consistent with other researches with 92000 subjects:

This is consistent with data from several other friendship studies conducted over the past decade, encompassing more than 92,000 subjects, in which the reciprocity rates ranged from 34 percent to 53 percent.

Friends, Enemies or Frenemies

A friend by definition is someone you have a mutual affection bond with. A friend according to some philosophers sticks closer than blood in some cases.

An enemy on another note is someone you are actively opposed to. So is it possible to be someone’s friend and enemy at the same time? The answers is yes.

Frenemies are those friends that have a toxic relationship. They are friends but they hate each other. They trash each other behind their backs, ill advise each other and just have an unhealthy friendship but they are joined by the hip.

How To Identify Friends That Don’t Like You.

I discovered my friends didn’t like me when it came to their weddings. The lady I claimed to be my best friend didn’t even bother to make me a bridesmaid. I was mortified and hurt as we thought this was the greatest friendship test in our circle. A few years later I saw the same when my cousin’s best friend and confidante decided to wed. She made every young couple at church part of the bridal party save for my cousin and her husband. Just because they are your friend doesn’t mean they like you.

These are some of the things to look out for in order to determine if your friend like you or they are just a frenemy.

1. When they don’t reciprocate your friendship claim

If you say someone is your friend but they don’t claim it back, well, they may just be in the 47% of your friends who don’t like you.

2. When they exclude you from obvious friendship stuff

Remember my bridesmaid story, well if your friend even with a valid apology excludes you from friendship stuff and activities, be ye guided, you are part of the ones they like.

3. When they ill advise you.

A friend by definition is someone you are supposed to share a mutual affection bond with. No matter how they feel inside they are supposed to be your biggest cheerleader, the best advisor. The moment they give you advice that’s not right they are not looking at your emancipation but your demise.

4. When You Are The One To Always Initiate Things Between The 2 of You.

If you are always the one to initiate a chat, a conversation, activities, a get-together, stop making excuses in your head and be ye guided, they don’t really like you.

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