Unemployment Blues? Be A Content Creator On YouTube And Get Paid While At It

YouTube is a very interesting platform indeed. I personally go there to check the latest comedy on the block. By now I’m sure we think YouTube, just like Facebook is a social site.

What If I Tell You, You Can Make A Living Through YouTube?

People like MKBHD a tech YouTuber and many more people are making a small fortune on YouTube. Youtube, though a social site, is also a revenue stream for many content creators. A  Content Creator by definition is a person who shares or is responsible for the distribution of information to any media, especially on the digital media. So if you make small video clips of your work and publish them on Facebook, you are indeed a content creator. if you watch any video on YouTube, it means a content creator uploaded it. This means YouTube is more than a social site as it has become a source of living for many people around the globe.

How Does YouTube Work?

First, you have to create a YouTube Account If you don’t have one. Visit www.youtube.com and create your account in a few quick steps.

Go To the top right corner and click on your circle icon with a letter inside

On the page that appears click on My channel.

Change the name that appears on this into the name you want to give your YouTube Channel

Click create channel and you will be good to go.


After you have created your channel, to post a video you just click on the video icon on the top right and you can choose to either post a video or do a live broadcast. This means any video you post will automatically be uploaded to your channel on YouTube. If anyone searches for it they will find it there and that how you get views.

How To Get YouTube Subscribers.

Most new accounts have no subscribers as very few people know about your new channel. This means any video you post may be seen by very few people getting less than 10 total views. In order, t get more views you need more subscribers. You can get more subscribers in the following ways,

1.Promoting Your YouTube Page

Using other digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, LinkedIn or sponsored articles on popular websites or google adverts or even YouTube itself, you can promote your page and get more people to subscribe to your channel by encouraging them to do so.

2. Uploading Content That Interest Masses.

The ultimate way to get more subscribers is to have content that is interesting to a lot of people.  Many people who do comedy and drama and music in Zimbabwe have many subscribers and followers because a lot of people like their content. So the fact that you have a YouTube channel and you are actively uploading content doesn’t automatically translate to subscribers and viewers as they are drawn to your channel by the type of content you post.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

After you have successfully made your channel and gained a few subscribers. You can begin to make money out of your channel. You have to post content that is viewed by many people. so that YouTube may put adverts in between videos so that users can click on them. This means when people click on adverts that are directly or indirectly linked to your video, Google will pay you for that click.

However, YouTube can only monetize accounts that have over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of annual view time This means your channel videos at the point of applying for monetization must have reached, or have been watched to the point of getting 4000 hours in the last 12 months. This your channel must be in existence for 12 months and have garnered 4000 viewing hours and have gained 1000 subscribers for it to be eligible for monetization.

Things that will make YouTube reject your monetization request

When you have made enough subscribers, and viewing hour and are applying for monetization, the following will make YouTube turn down your request to monetize your channel.

  1. Copyrighted content – Uploading other people’s content on your channel that you want to monetize will make YouTube reject your monetization request. Copywritten content (videos and images) is content that another person has created and copywritten it as theirs.
  2. Copying other people’s work – if you upload someone’s content and the person reports you to YouTube, you will be passed on when the time for monetization comes.
  3. Uploading content that has already been uploaded by other people – usually, some social media videos are not copyrighted. This means anyone can claim them as theirs. Uploading such videos may be harmless now, as you are building your channel, later on when you want to monetize, it will cost you as it appears on so many other accounts and you have to delete it and forgo the costly viewing hours you so greatly need.
  4. Inappropriate content – videos that are sexual in nature, that violet other people’s rights or that show gross levels of nudity will definitely not fly on YouTube.

Content That Really Does Well On YouTube

In Zimbabwe, the most popular channels in terms of viewing hours belong to in no particular order,  Mufti Menk who is a Muslim Speaker and teacher,  Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Christ TV, 263 Chat, Jah Prayzah, Zimpapres online, Bustop TV etc However content that have something to do with the following also trends fairly on YouTube.

  1. Comedy
  2. News
  3. Sports Commentary
  4. Religion
  5. Music and Music Videos
  6. How To Guides
  7. Technology
  8. Cooking and Baking
  9. Money, Investments and Banking

If you are a true content creator, you will be creative around these few categories and make your own channel successful,

YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

Why is YouTube refusing to monetize my channel? 

There are some YouTube policies your account is either violating or not meeting. Investigate and see why they have rejected your application.

Someone stole my video on youtube and put it on their channel as theirs, what can I do? 

Report them to YouTube

How do I report to YouTube?

Go to the video you want to report,

Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner

Click on report and follow instructions


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