Official Bank Rate & Black Market Exchange Rates Today – 10 June 2019

The current bank exchange rates for the RTGS$ are as follows:

  • USD to RTGS$: 5.8001
  • RTGS$ to RAND: 2.5787

Data according to the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe   

Black Market Rates:

  • USD to RTGS$: 8.6
  • USD to BOND: 8.4
  • RTGS$ to RAND: 1.80



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One Comment on “Official Bank Rate & Black Market Exchange Rates Today – 10 June 2019

  1. Sadly these rates like an unwelcome guest exist and generate bitterness yet the issue is how best and soon is the depressive economic situation to be reversed …..can’t Zimbabwe adopt a befitting transformative development model which is inclusive and recognizing that development and transformation is multi racial, multi continental and surely has nothing to do with liberation movements or revolution (liberation movements come either as a curse or a blessing as seen across nations and regions of the world) for development and transformation outgrows all these as it is basically human and universal, responding to the question as “how best shall the human being exist as a sacred creation of God with limitless innovative capabilities “. God Bless.

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