It’s High Time We Focus On Issues, Not Tissues – SK Moyo

ZANU PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said that the government cannot be taken seriously for its failure to deal with corruption.

Khaya Moyo said that even though many arrests have been made so far, they have been very few convictions. He said:

It is time we start seeing people going to jail for corruption. This will ensure investors take us seriously as a country.

The number of those arrested suggests that we are doing well, but the convictions are really worrying. It seems as if the system is corrupt and we must deal with that.

We have been waiting for too long and we must start to deal with issues and not focus on tissues.

ZANU PF has been blaming sanctions for the deterioration of the economy for the past two decades.

However, analysts argue that deeply entrenched corruption is the major hindrance to the country’s economic development.

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