Highlanders Goalkeeper Saves ‘All’ Penalties In 2 Seasons

Highlanders FC goalkeeper Ariel Sibanda has an unbelievable record not only in saving penalties but in scoring them as well.

According to his club, Sibanda faced two penalties in the entire 2018 season and he saved them all.

This season, Sibanda has already faced three penalties and has saved them all as well. He has also scored two. Incredible! Highlanders FC said in a statement:

For the entire 2018, campaign Highlanders conceded two penalties (against Triangle and Nichrut) and they were both saved by Ariel Sibanda.

Eleven matches into the 2019 season, he has saved all three awarded to Harare City, Hwange and Yadah respectively, and scored two.

Ariel SibandaHighlanders

Ariel Sibanda is a Zimbabwean footballer who was born on 25 January 1989. He is a former player for Highlanders Football Club as a goalkeeper. Read More About Ariel Sibanda

Highlanders Football Club popularly known as Bosso is one the oldest football clubs in Zimbabwe which was formed in 1926 and is based in Bulawayo.Its current coach is Erol Akbay and Barbourfields Stadium is the home ground of the team. The team has so far... Read More About Highlanders

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