5 Things You Probably Didn’t know About Vimbai Tsvangirayi Java

Vimbai Tsvangirai passed away today, 10 June 2019, from injuries she sustained in a vehicle accident several weeks ago. We list below some things most may not have known about her.


1. An opposition Icon’s daughter

Vimbai was the eldest daughter of the late MDC President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and his late wife Susan.

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2. Vimbai’s Political Career

She only came into active political contestation in 2018 when she contested for MP position in the Glen View North Constituency. She won. Prior to that Vimbai had been working behind the scenes helping her father doing and traveling with him.


3. Wife To Apostle B Java

Vimbai was the wife of Apostle B Java the leader of Apostle B Java Ministries. Full name Batsirai Java, he’s the brother of the flamboyant prophet Passion Java. Vimbai herself was a pastor at the church.


4. Education

Vimbai studied Developmental Studies at New Castle University in Australia. She was her father’s right-hand person ever since she came back to Zimbabwe in 2009. During her interview with Newsday, she laughed off the ”Kitchen cabinet ” tag that there were family members who influenced her father’s decisions.


5. The only one home.

Vimbai was the only one of Morgan Tsvangirai’s children staying in Zimbabwe. Her 5 siblings, stay out of the country following political persecution of Morgan Tsvangirai and the threats on his family by the Robert Mugabe government.


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4 comments on “5 Things You Probably Didn’t know About Vimbai Tsvangirayi Java

  1. Elicited maturity and turned out to be a visionary in the making. May he great soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Zvakaoma. Life is hard to understand. Imagine a lapse in decision making costs entire group. One wonders if only they had not gone. Or if only they had made a decision to sleep over. All als are now history. May the Lord help the remaining kids if any.

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