Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis Is ‘Normal’ – Mutsvangwa

War Veterans chairperson, Chris Mutsvangwa said that the economic crisis being experienced in the country is “normal” as the government transforms it from centralised to the vagaries of free market forces. He said;

The national economic template is being transformed from a centralized corporate allocation of resources to the free play of market forces of supply and demand.

It has to be born in mind that the modern day Zimbabwe started off as a colonial corporate private entity of Cecil John Rhodes.

It is natural to experience birth pangs on an undertaking of this scale. It is also a matter of fact that there are no quick fixes or instant results in such an exercise.

The country’s former ambassador to China said the resistance to the transformation comes from those who have benefited from the centralised allocation of resources. He added:

Such an all-encompassing economic reform programme cannot be piecemeal. It is also bound to meet with inevitable resistance by those who have enjoyed the advantage and privilege of the resource allocation model.

It enriched a coterie of the few, impoverishing the majority and stunting if not extinguishing national economic prospects.

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Chris MutsvangwaCecil John Rhodes

Christopher Mutsvangwa, commonly referred to as just Chris Mutsvangwa is a Zimbabwean politician, and special advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mutsvangwa is businessman .In December 2017 he was appointed as the Secretary for Science and Technology in Zanu-PF. Mutsvangwa contested in the 2018 harmonized elections... Read More About Chris Mutsvangwa

Cecil John Rhodes was the founder of the British South Africa Company which was responsible for the colonisation of Zimbabwe in the 1890s. Rhodes was a British South African born on 5 July 1853 in England and died on 26 March 1902 in the Cape... Read More About Cecil John Rhodes

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