FULL TEXT: EU Speaks On Abduction Of Rural Teachers’ Union President

The abduction and abuse of Rural Teachers Union President Obert Masaraure in Harare on 6 June demands a swift, thorough and transparent investigation by the competent authorities.

This event follows arrests and detention of members of Non-governmental organisations and trade unionists in Zimbabwe.

The perception that civil society leaders are harassed and intimidated is harmful to the reputation of the country. Due legal processes should be followed, and citizens’ civic and constitutional rights respected.

Civil society has an important role to play in contributing to the future development of Zimbabwe.

It needs to have the space to contribute to the reform agenda without fear and be able to engage and hold to account Government.

The European Union will follow these developments closely.

Obert MasaraureNon-Governmental Organisation

Obert Masarause is an educator, activist and trade union leader in Zimbabwe. He is the current president of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe. He has been arrested several times while organising for the rights of rural teachers. In January 2019, following the ARTUZ... Read More About Obert Masaraure

In Zimbabwe, the name Non-Government Organisation (NGO) is generally used to refer to non-profit organizations. This includes Civil Society Organisations as well as other types of non-profits. Read More About Non-Governmental Organisation

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  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    Torturing of activists and citizens is a classic Victorian practice designed then to silence voices of justice and calling for a democracy deepening culture in society. Infact for receptive and progressive governments civil society alerts governments on the threats and benefits to democratic practice.

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