ZANU PF Tells Supporters To Boycott Overcharging Shops

The ruling ZANU PF party is encouraging its supporters to avoid buying their supplies from overcharging shops.

ZANU PF youth league boss Pupurai Togarepi told the Daily News on Wednesday that it is high time that consumers should fight back against the “vampires”. He said:

It’s time consumers fight back. Imagine if we stop buying bread for a week? Do we avoid some shops for a day? Price vampires must fall.

Businesses should shape up or ship out and allow humane organisations to set base in the country.

The economy is going through a revival phase but that should never be punitive to the consumer. In a way, the price madness is yet another ploy to trigger demonstrations and we are aware of the actors behind these nefarious exercises.

Togarepi said that the party will soon send price monitors to check on the manufacturing companies and ensure that they are complying with the country’s laws.

He blamed some companies of engaging in economic terrorism in order to stifle the country’s economic revival efforts.

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2 comments on “ZANU PF Tells Supporters To Boycott Overcharging Shops

  1. A grossly futile effort which greatly mismatches the political reality and demands of the contemporary. God bless.

  2. Kahle no muntu weZanu! Uthi abantu abangathengi emashop ngenxa yentengo ephezulu,kubangelwa yini lokho? Inkinga ngimdala oyiyouth leader.

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