Straight A Murehwa Student Looks For Scholarship Sponsorship.

Pictures of one Ranganayi Zhakata have been circulating on social media this afternoon. The pictures have been posted by one Mobie Musakatiza who was appealing to well-wishers on behalf or Ranganayi. According to Mobie, Ranga aced his Os and As and got accepted at UZ but can’t afford the tuition at UZ. hence he needs sponsorship to attend University. Attached to the post are Ranganayi’s O level and A level result transcripts that have straight As and a C for O level and straight As forĀ  A level.


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2 comments on “Straight A Murehwa Student Looks For Scholarship Sponsorship.

  1. in circumstances where the economy has no solid industrial base these are some of the acute symptoms, problems where the innocent and defenseless are denied basic rights as if it is normal. I remember well back during the colonial era all colleges universities had grant and loan facilities accessible by all and even industry would take responsibility having already an employment / job waiting for your completion. independence era should have matched or surpassed this standard. We still need to work harder and truthfully to be of help to our defenceless posterity,

  2. Ndaziva haitungamiri….ndingaidai ndaramba ndiri pwere that endure this goings on.

    Ice cream inotengeswa kupi? Gushungo ichiri kugadzira here ma Ice cream anoendesa dhawezi?

    Ice cream mukanwa megarwe

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