“Dabengwa’s Refusal To Be Buried At Heroes Acre A Mistake”

A ZimLive opinion contends that the refusal by some National Heroes to be buried at the National Heroes Acre is a mistake.

Heroes do not and must not reflect our emotive and transient national political moment. Heroes are for posterity. The great great descendants of Dumiso Dabengwa, who, in 50 years’ time will know little or nothing of the personal feud between one Robert Mugabe and his/her heroic, iconic, freedom-fighting great grandpa must not be punished to digging up explanations for why the warrior lies not at the only national shrine.

Dabengwa must be where he will be most useful to future generations, there where the historical glare of future cameras shall focus.

Lady Stanley Cemetery, where many lie, is potentially a future suburb landscaped over dry bones. Even as I write, the great Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni is battling back and forth to retain control of iNtabayezinduna. And Dabengwa’s grave there could soon be inside a front-end loader.

The current crop of would-be politicians and social commentators must indeed have their usual say, but their narrow lenses and small egos must not be allowed to blunt the broader picture and limit our strategic thinking.

Let Dabengwa lie where his works and his footprint in life determined he should lie, with all the attendant honour and dignity his works deserve.

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2 comments on ““Dabengwa’s Refusal To Be Buried At Heroes Acre A Mistake”

  1. Well said its an opinion, its not reality. First I think there are records for heroes acre declarations. Second there are also records for refusals to be buried at the national shrine even though one was declared a national heroe. Third there is a record to tell how many heroes refused to be buried at the national shrine. The second one is a very crucial one that will tell the whole story. If his grandsons will read about that feud you have mantioned and the atrocities from gukurahundi they will understand why and will count him as a hero of heroes.

    Didn’t you not read even from the Bible that Moses, with all the benefits of being adopted as Pharoah’s daughter and looked forward to be the heir and the next president lf Egypt, did not anymore want to be associated with the people who were not his people. He then chose to be counted with his own people with no circular benefits .

  2. if am to be president today surely will trivialize this heroes acre drivel.if someone dies what is the essence of immortalizing him by putting him into the posterity glare.since,time immemorial a lot of names played their role sanguinely in defining the zimbabwe trajectory.why would people dare remember so called heroes and heroins interred at the heroes acre as if these people wrought civility to black and white zimbabweans?in hindsight all these so called heroes and heroins were busy engaging in unbridled sex escapades at the rear when our brothers and sisters were butchered without enough ammunition at the front.these claims are vindicated by the fact that a lot of these so called liberation vanguards had their first son and daughters during the war entailing the thought of sexing when others were fighting the justice usurper.facts are stubborn but its the ubiquitous truth.now what of the masses who used to buy expensive our jeans and farmer shoes for these guerillas?what of a lot of our kin and kith who were bludgeoned who being percieved as proponents of the struggle by the nefarious and internecine smith regime?their death is frivolous in the eyes of this dastardly and now commodified party called zanu pf?i for one am against the system of invincibility that is now entrenched in the current leadership.overconfidence in everything breeds ultimate doom.we shall attest.however,the heroes acre is a special place for people who does not believe in the resting place being in heaven.kkkkk

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