US Calls On Zimbabwe To Balance Economic & Political Reforms

The United States of America ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols said that Zimbabwe’s political reforms should be accelerated in order to keep pace with the economic reforms being carried out under International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff-monitored programme.

Nichols said this in his address to journalists after a closed-door meeting with Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda in Harare on Monday. He said:

Zimbabwe is engaged in broad economic reforms and working under an IMF staff monitoring programme which concludes in March 2020.

So it would be very important for the political reforms that are going on in Parliament to keep pace with the economic reforms to ensure that Zimbabwe is better able to access international credit and financing for a second stage and reform.

The future of Zimbabwe in terms of economic development will depend on the private sector globally and the reforms that are needed have been laid out by the Zimbabwean government and they just need to be implemented.

In our discussion on the economic side, there is a need for the reforms to have an improved business environment, investment protection through the rule of law and full liberalisation of the foreign exchange market. Those reforms are quite important to investors.

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  1. While the US enjoys lecturing Zimbabwe, why is it that they did not impose sanctions on Kenya and Uganda, where electoral disputes were experienced also? Double standards? My foot!

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