Why Must You Update Your WhatsApp Everytime An Update Is Available

A few weeks ago WhatsApp urged its users to update their app.  After they discovered a spyware that made users vulnerable. Its easy for us to sometimes wait till we are prompted with a message that says “this version of WhatsApp will become obsolete in 30 days” for us to visit the Play Store or App store to update it.
There was a time when updating WhatsApp was fun when new features were the order of the updates. Since WhatsApp can only offer us so much nice features, the frenzy to update it have died down. Unbeknown to us, the time to constantly update our app is now as privacy issue keep popping up. The more people like and use WhatsApp the more attractive to hackers it becomes. Numbers are attractive in case we have forgotten.
The more people use it the more hackers try to find its vulnerable points so that they can get into people’s private places. It’s unfortunate the developers of the system can only know about some of these hackers after they have gained access to our phones or alerted about their activities by others.
So why must you update your app the moment an update is Available.

1. Updates Help Squash Bugs

Simple, because the latest updates are usually used to squash bugs that make users vulnerable to spyware. Remember the Video Calling Bug that enabled hackers to gain access to your phone that was discovered in August 2018? Well if you do you will know that it’s important to get the latest update as the software is updated to keep things like that away.

2. Cool Features Still Coming.

WhatsApp still coming up with cool features. We may have gone past the stage of being impressed by new WhatsApp features but that doesn’t mean they are not bringing new features on most updates. We have always wanted to do a group video call, its a feature, so how will you know that though small and insignificant, cool features still mare the platform? Don’t miss out because of a simple update.

3. You Risk Losing Your Data If You Don’t Back It Up.

You risk losing your data if you have to download another WhatsApp because the one you are using had expired. For those like me who don’t backup WhatsApp data, if your current version of WhatsApp expires and for some reason you have to download another Whatsapp from the play or app store, the data that you keep at hand may just disappear should you have to download and instal another WhatsApp.


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