United States Of America Mourns Dumiso Dabengwa

The United States of America has issued its condolence message through its Embassy in Harare following the passing away of Zimbabwe’s liberation war hero, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa.

The US embassy in Harare posted a message on its Twitter page which reads:

We offer condolences to Zimbabwe on the death of liberation hero Dumiso Dabengwa. He dedicated his life to the emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe.

His courage and service in politics and government reflects his commitment to a better Zimbabwe. Dabengwa’s legacy inspires us all.

Dabengwa died in Kenya on Thursday morning while he was returning home from India where he was undergoing treatment for a liver ailment.

Dumiso Dabengwa

Dumiso Dabengwa was a politician and the president of ZAPU. He was also a member of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) officially until 2008 when he left to revive ZAPU political party. In 2018, Dumiso formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation. Between 2018 and 2019... Read More About Dumiso Dabengwa

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  1. Ian Beddowes Reply

    Wonderful. The USA which backed ZANU and the suppression of ZAPU now mourns Dabengwa. They must voetsek from Africa.

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