Dema Diesel Power Plant To Be Revived

The government is seriously considering reviving the Dema Diesel Power Plant to alleviate the current debilitating power cuts.

Reports indicate that the government is involved in negotiations with Sakunda Holdings, the holdings company.

The power plant has the capacity to generate 200 megawatts of power.

Power generation at the power plant was suspended more than a year ago due to fuel shortages and the losses that were being incurred by Sakunda.

Members of Parliament are reportedly in agreement that the Dema diesel project, which comes at a cost of 15 cents per megawatt, is a decision that needs to be made urgently.

It remains to be seen if the project can be revived in the midst of a crippling shortage of diesel which has been ongoing for more than six months.

More: ZBC News Online

Sakunda Holdings

Sakunda Holdings is a privately owned Zimbabwean company governed by the laws of Zimbabwe and its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Incorporation. It has three distinct operating divisions namely Sakunda Energy, Sakunda Trading and Sakunda Logistics. Read More About Sakunda Holdings

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