ZUPCO Slashes Bus Fares By Half

ZUPCO has reduced bus fares by 50% effective from Tuesday 21 May 2019.

In an announcement made by the Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the move has been necessitated by the need to cushion the travelling public.

Distance 1-20km: Old fare – $1.00. New fare: $0.50

20-30km: Old fare – $1.50. New Fare: $0.75

30-40km: Old Fare – $2.00. New Fare – $1.00

Ministry of Finance and Economic DevelopmentZUPCO

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is a government organ which administers the country's fiscal and financial aspects through its respective departments. It has various organs administered by different personnel and these include among other the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National... Read More About Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company also known as (ZUPCO) is a state owned parastatal that administers government's public transport buses and commuters. It operates transport services that plies local and regional routes. The parastatal operates under the Ministry of Transport and is headquartered in the Belvedere... Read More About ZUPCO

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