How To Make A Little More Money During These Hard Times

We have seen many Zimbabweans saying living in Zimbabwe is now a skill. Indeed, it has become hard to survive in Zimbabwe as the country is rocked by economic challenges so dire that many people are living in despair.

While it’s evident that one needs an extra income to survive especially if you are paid in RTGS$, many people don’t know what to do or how to start. Here are a few tips on how to make a few bucks to help you with those small expenses around the house.

1. Fresh bread deliveries

This small venture needs a small capital of bread pans, a working oven(considering your stove has an oven) and bread ingredients and packaging. With ZESA always gone how can you make fresh bread? By doing it in the early hours of the day. before the first power cut, which usually is at 5 AM. Be sure to keep the bread warm and fresh for as long as you can. Price it way lower than the normal $3.50. Make it nicer tastewise, spend hours on YouTube till you make the nicest bread that’s better than all the commercial bread we have eaten combined. Look for interested loyal customers usually from church or in the community you live in first. Reduce operation costs by delivering it on foot or on a bike whenever possible.

2. Sell Airtime Via Hot Recharge

You may not be gifted in baking or in waking up early to make bread at 2 AM, what can you do, you can sell Hot Recharge airtime for all networks. The margins are so small, but as the numbers increase you may actually make a small income that can help you settle small bills. This zhet, now needs someone dedicated to it for the duration of the day when people are awake. So if you go to work and you can’t automate it, you may want to delegate the task to someone who will do it when you are otherwise occupied.

3. Make Fresh Vegetables And Fruits Deliveries

Depending on where you stay and your network, this can actually be a very lucrative business. People like me will never visit the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. We buy only when we bump into them. Sit down with people like me in mind, think of the things and vegetables they would commonly go for, find the biggest source, buy, package them nicely and neatly, and make daily deliveries. Up until you have customers so loyal they only get vegetables from you.

4. Make NICELY Packaged Snacks for various Tuckshops

Whenever I visit my favourite tuckshop close to my place, I always find these savoury snacks in different flavours. Roasted nuts, or roasted maputi and nuts in this nice package that I initially bought them because of the packaging only. I have heard my girlfriends saying everyone is doing snacks but my argument is not everyone is doing those snacks that nicely. The packaging only is the selling point of those snacks. Your first initial investment should be quality nice plastic and label and then a sealer. Make snacks, liaise with several tuckshop owners across the city and get your snacks in their small retailing outlets.

5. Sell Traditional Brown Rice

On this note, I’m speaking from experience. This thing sells like hotcakes to the healthy fanatics who actually eat it. After I have hanged my selling boots I still get calls of people who want 20kgs etc Rice or Mupunga Wechibhoyi is mainly found in areas around Gutu called Mushagasha and many wetlands across the country. It needs an expect to pound it so that the grains are not broken too much because if they are too broken they won’t cook properly.  The initial investment of this is usually the first stock. Find the health fanatics in your circle and be their supplier. I don’t have to emphasise on the importance of being extra clean and careful as that’s the only selling point of this venture. As for packaging, you don’t need anything fancy just thicker transparent plastic paper bought in TM or OK.

Most of these small businesses require an initial investment of around $100. Therefore they can not be expected to generate thousands of dollars( higher risk higher return) they won’t make you rich ( unless you commercialise them) but they will help pay small bills and keep you afloat for some time.

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Gutu is a district found in Zimbabwe's Masvingo Province. Read More About Gutu

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