Gaming For Kids: Dos and Dos

We have all enjoyed games at one point I think. I remember at one point I was so addicted to Sudoku I would get disappointed if I saw a completed Sudoku puzzle. Up to date apart from reading, Sudoku remains my favourite, I can do those puzzles for hours on end. Thing is I’m an adult, having a hard time kicking a gaming addiction. I think I nursed my addiction for a very long time up until now when its almost second nature to me and almost impossible to shake off. Let’s talk about some kids who spend most of their time on the phone, tablet or computer or in front of a Tv playing games, what skills are they developing, is it healthy for their young minds and their social skills development.

Is Gaming Good Or Bad?

While we may think gaming is bad for our young children, gaming has some crazy benefits that also blew my mind. Here are some benefits that can be derived from gaming

1. It can help overcome difficulties in learning

Gaming is good for kids with learning difficulties and face problems in interpreting words. How you may ask, because gaming requires constant attention and focus because of the ever-changing visuals. This will help children with dyslexia overcome their disabilities as they are somehow prompted to adapt to the fast changing environment.

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2. They help in faster decision making,

When a kid is gaming, many critical decisions have to be made in a jiffy. Gaming improves and sharpens decision-making process as visuals change and the gamer has to quickly adjust and adapt to the ever-changing visuals.

3. Gaming may help people with Autism,

Gaming has been believed to help children with Autism. Constant interaction with peers and the social interaction may help people with autism address social problems.

4. The obvious one, it reduces stress,

Gaming is entertaining and engaging one of the greatest known stress relievers

5. Improves Brain Functionality

Problem-solving, puzzles, brain games have been known to improve functionality of the brain in general.

The Drawbacks

On Another note here are the drawbacks of gaming in kids.

  1. They can lead to gaming addiction. Trust me it’s hard to wean such off.
  2. They sometimes associate violence with fun.
  3.  In some cases, they somehow encourage violence as acceptable. This may seem far fetched to an adult, but to a kid, whose mind is still developing, its a risk you wouldn’t want to take with your young one’s mind.

So is gaming good or bad? My answer is, gaming is more beneficial more than it is detrimental to a young mind. It is a good recreational sport that is engaging as outlined above. In my opinion, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Gaming Guidelines For kids

Gaming for kids should and must be monitored. While it has some benefits, it also can be addictive and lead to some serious character faults that are not attractive. Violent games can lead to aggression in kids. it can lead to addictions which can be difficult to shake off. it can lead to socialising problems that could get ugly in life. When it comes to gaming, don’t just overlook and look at it as a way to get the kids off your back. Here are a few guidelines to gaming for kids:

  • Be sure to monitor the kids and limit their gaming time so that you develop their other social skills.
  • Be sure to know the games your children are playing as there are other games that are not really ideal for your children. Games like Assasin’s Creed and Baldur’s Gate have characters that may not conform to some Christian beliefs. It’s not ideal for a parent to let a child just play games they have no background of as it may not be ideal for their young minds.

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