ED’s Administration: Old Wine In New Bottles – Analyst

Tawanda Majoni, the national coordinator at Information for Development Trust (IDT) has claimed that president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is very identical to that of former president Robert Mugabe. He said:

When Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe after a smart military coup, his caretaker government started telling people that it was going to do things differently. It promised the rule of law and justice, good governance and respect for humanity. It said it would fight corruption and bring all criminals, starting with those it purported were surrounding Mugabe, to book. That, in essence, is what it meant when it rebranded itself the “new dispensation”.

The analyst opines that of those promises, none has been fulfilled as Mnangagwa’s administration is replicating Mugabe’s modus operandi. Majoni said:

As the clock hand ticks round, the clearer it becomes that the Mnangagwa administration lacks the capacity for newness. In fact, it has already done things that are older than the Mugabe dispensation, so to speak. Mugabe never shut down the internet, just used the spooks for sporadic and largely harmless jamming.

Mugabe used soldiers to persecute protesting citizens, but he never ordered them to fire live ammunition at innocent civilians at point-blank range.

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