Econet’s Elevate YoMix The New Vs The Old

A few days ago we received an SMS from Econet saying

YoMix is Back! Bigger & Better with new exciting features & its now for everyone. Delete the old YoMix app & download the new one for Android

I’m sure I’m not the only one that celebrated because YoMix was convenient especially to some of us the high mobile data users.

Yesterday when I eventually logged in after some hiccups( it doesn’t remember my password) and I was locked out of my account for 15 minutes twice, I discovered a new app that is so different from the one we had before.

The Old Experience

While with the old app, you could select the mix you want, if you wanted data and SMSes, or data and voice calls, or voice calls and SMSes, it was up to you to select the mix you wanted. I was obsessed with the app because I could buy 60cents worth of daily data and it would be OK for the time I would not be around WIFi. You could send a Yomix bundle to someone and generally, the app was faster and easy to use. At one point you were able to buy the bundle you require using Ecocash

The New Experience

The new app has been modified and, the first thing I noted was, you could buy bundles but now the freedom of buying data only has been taken away. Now its a package, if you have to buy Data you simultaneously have to buy minutes and SMSes. The data batches have been carefully calculated across all durations it now depends on the time you want to spend with the data.

The new app has a lot of  other options like redeeming over-scratched cards, buying airtime, share airtime, you can select a bundle of your choice from preset bundles, you can gift a bundle or airtime to a friend.

Old Versus New, Whats Your Preference?

I would generally prefer the old App and its independence in mixing the bundle of my choice, i rarely sent SMSes that means money will be wasted in a service I won’t utilize. How about you? Econet has once again worked around the problem and brought us a solution in these inflationary times. is the new system of combining data and voice minutes and SMSes fair? Lets hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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