Chasi Speaks On Fuel, Electricity Crises

Newly-appointed Minister for Energy and Power Development, Fortune Chasi, said that the government is working with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) for long term financing mechanisms to guarantee fuel availability in the long run.

He also revealed that the government is working on increasing power generation from different sources other than the Kariba hydroelectric power plant. Said Chasi:

The Government remains committed to eradicating fuel queues and is working on long-term financing mechanisms with the RBZ which will see the supply gaps being eliminated over time.

We are working closely with the power utility to ensure that there is increased power generation from different sources other than Kariba Power Station.

As a new minister, I expect to see results and strategies that resolve some of the challenges and proposals to restructure the sector for better performance.

The country has been reeling from acute fuel shortages for over six months, characterised by dry pumps at service stations and long winding queues.

More recently, the country’s power utility, ZESA introduced crippling power cuts which have disrupted industry and citizen’s daily routines.

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Fortune Chasi is a lawyer, politician, and musician. He is Zimbabwe's current Minister of Energy and Power Development. In December 2017 under the Mnangagwa administration, he was appointed as the deputy for legal affairs in the Zanu-PF party. Chasi was re-elected during the 2018 elections... Read More About Fortune Chasi

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings is the country's biggest power producer and regulating company. It operates under the Ministry and Energy and Power Development and it runs a number of subsidiary companies with various specialities in power regulation and communications. Read More About Zesa

Kariba is a town located in the Zambezi Valley Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. Kariba town offers accommodation for tourists who visit the Kariba dam. The town also houses the hydroelectric power station, Zimbabwe Power Company. Read More About Kariba

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    As long as its ZANU no individual can ever turn around the fortunes of this nose diving economy. We were cursed as Zimbabwe to be under such a selfish and insensitive gvt called Zanu.

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