The United States has issued a warning to its citizens over possible civil unrest in Zimbabwe, African News Agency has reported.

It reports that the US has in a notice titled ‘Zimbabwe Travel Advisory, Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution’, that was released on Tuesday warned Americans to be vigilant in Zimbabwe.  The advisory read:

The advisory is also said to have urged those deciding to travel to Zimbabwe to be always alert, avoid openly displaying cash, stay away from political rallies, demonstrations, and crowds, as well as monitor local media for breaking events and to be prepared to adjust plans.

In addition to the above, the advisory is said to have advised the Americans to carry with them copies of their identification and travel documents.

The deteriorating economy and living standards have resulted in increased tensions between the government and opposition parties and civil organisation groups. Opposition parties, consumer representatives and workers representatives have threatened to take it to the streets if the political and economic crises go unabated.