Rural People Spend $1.5 Million On Candles Annually

Rural folk are forced to fork out $1.5 million annually buying candles for lighting, a Zonful Power Energy official has revealed.

There is very limited access to renewable sources of energy in rural areas which in turn forces the people to depend on candles.

Speaking during a launch of Zonful Power Energy products at a lodge in Bikita recently, Zonful chief executive, Engineer William Ponela, said:

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Zonful Power Energy are the movers when it comes to improving rural people’s access to clean renewable energy.

Research has revealed that people living in rural areas are spending at least $1,5 million on buying candles to provide lighting every year.

This money can be used to pay for the installation of solar systems in homes and guarantee families a reliable source of energy for years to come.

Calls were made to replace the use of candles with solar energy, which is a cleaner and renewable energy source and not a danger to eyesight.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) provincial education officer Brain Makani, speaking at the same occasion said that solar energy is ideal as it protects the environment from global warming and climate change.

Solar energy could also be used as a tool to fight deforestation in Masvingo, Makani added.

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