Maid Steals $22 000 Groceries, Clothes From Employer

A woman from Gokwe stole property worth $21 500 and grocery items valued at $522 from a Bulawayo family where she was employed as a housemaid.

The woman identified as Primrose Sharon Makopa was employed by Ms Euphrasia Siwela.

Makopa told Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube that she stole the goods because she intended to sell them and buy medication for her ill mother. Said Makopa:

May the court forgive me, l made a mistake by stealing the property. I just wanted to buy my mother medicine and was going to use some of the money as bus fare to my home in Gokwe.

Makopa pleaded guilty to a charge of theft and her matter was stood down as the prosecutor wanted to check if she had been convicted before.

The stolen groceries included rice, bath soap, sugar and clothes that included children’s school uniforms, boys’ tackies and some T-shirts.

The employer only noticed that some goods were missing a few days after the maid had left for Gokwe. She suspected Makopa to have stolen the items and proceeded to make a police report.

Makopa was nabbed at her home in Gokwe.

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